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To submit your website to 3dbull.com's Jewelry Resource Directory, you MUST complete the following two steps:

STEP 1 - Add our URL
Option a) Add our website title, description, and link to your website by copying the code below and pasting it into any page of your site that links to and from your homepage.

Our Title: 3dbull.com
Our Site URL: http://www.3dbull.com
Our Description: 3dbull.com - The Internet's original member-generated jewelry model and design community.

Option b) Download any one of our banner ads and place it into any page of your website that links to and from your homepage. Remember to link the banner ad to http://www.3dbull.com. View banners >>

STEP 2 - Submit your URL
Submit your jewelry related website for inclusion on 3dbull.com's Jewelry Resource Directory by email to

Remember to include:

- Company Name
- Website Address
- Website Title
- Website Description
- Jewelry Category you wish to be included in
- Website address where OUR link/banner is located

NOTICE: Once we validate that our link is listed on your site, your jewelry related link will be placed on our site. At such time, a confirmation email will be sent to you. All sites must offer products or services related to the jewelry industry. We reserve the right to refuse any site based on our sole discretion.

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