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Wax models are produced with sterolithography machines. Milling machines and rapid prototyping equipment is being used. This equipment requires a high level of technical expertise to reliably produce perfect parts. Therefore specialized third-party service bureaus are commonly used.

Wax Models are produced by rapid prototyping machinery?

3d jewelry wax model

In the past jewelry design was greatly hindered by difficult communication amid the customer and the jeweler. The only alternative for executing a jewelry design was looking through a stockpile of jewelry design catalogues. Every time the customer had a vision or idea which was not realized in the completed piece of jewelry the sale became difficult.

Wax Model

With the aid of computer aided 3d design (cad), model making has taken a wonderful new course. With us jewelry stores and jewelry customers can in fact see their idea before the manufacturing stage. Other important benefits to cad jewelry design is exactness and affordability. Your jewelry design can now be produced with incredible symmetry since the wax model is created using rapid prototyping (rp) machines.

it is now very easy to produce a wax model.

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