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A jewelry model is a hard copy representation of what the jewelry piece will look like when it is finished. The model can as well be demonstrated in a computer environment with CAD software that is preeminent now.

How can a jewelry model be used today?

jewelry model here

Whenever an article of jewelry is created, it is normally designed by a 3d jewelry designer.Such a designer is using computer software to design in 3d a piece of jewelry. This system allows for immediate correction of possible mistakes.


The actual hard copy model is the production of milling or prototyping machines. Our licensed prototyping shops produce these models for the production of casting in precious metals. Models are produced to the finest details in the industry. If you require models to be produced, please be ion touch with us . We can as well have models produced from your designs in case you have design files We will first run these files through rigorous testing to assure validity of the design. Log into our site at www.3dbull.com, or sing up if you are not a member yet (it is free of course) and let us have your file and we will make you a quotation.

The models that are available on our website are royalty free, meaning that you can use them to your liking. The designer that has uploaded the design to our site is receiving a royalty every time his model design is sold. There are designers that bring forward the latest in designs. These models are the most sought after.

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