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The designing of a 3d jewelry model is an art practiced by CAD designers. The artist renders designs for jewelry in a 3d environment. Before a goldsmith or precious metalworker had to do the designing in 2d and then create a wax model of the design. The jewelry business has evolved to a billion-dollar industry from ancient techniques into the machine age where computers are being used in the design of jewelry. The design of complex patterns has become substantially more easier with the use of 3d jewelry model design software.

The jewelry model in today's world.

jewelry model are found here

Before an article of jewelry is created, it must first be rendered by a 3d jewelry designer. This is a professional that trained in the architectural and functional knowledge of metallurgy. Furthermore such individual has to train as well in the design elements such as composition and wearability.

Jewelry Model

Once the artist has rendered the article, the design is then constructed in wax or resin by sophisticated machinery, such as prototyping equipment. Such machines produce flawless 3d models of the design. From there the design is usually cast in metal in the lost wax casting method.

A jewelry model is the product of exact planning and meticulous design. Early jewelry model commissions were often given out by well to do clientele. The production of a jewelry model is today done more by machines than by hand. The hand is important still, since dealing with such fine material is very costly.

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