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Our 3d Jewelry designers have been schooled in the use of computer aided design. They have evolved using specialized technologies to produce truly the finest of designs. As well custom design can be created by the designer and the client needs only to supply his/her ideas and the designer will fashion a jewelry piece to that need. Usually jewellers are the clients or our design department. They have clients that want to have different jewelry designs made i.e. custom designs. These designs are heirlooms that the client wants to keep for a long time. These jewelry pieces are always manufactured from the finest materials and if set with stones, only jewelry grade stones suffice. The design might be a simple ring or an elaborate collier. The jewelry design the artist is developing needs to take into consideration not only architectural design ideas, but must as well be functional.

We do custom jewelry design.

3d jewelry design  is uploaded here

To perfect custom jewelry design a method of cooperation between the client, the jeweler, the designer and the manufacturer has to be developed. We have developed an easy order sheet that is incorporated in our site. One needs to sign up as a member (at no cost) to our site and the custom order design sheet is easy to operate. Once the pertinent data has been entered into the request for quote, we will supply a firm quotation to the client. The client then has the option to either accept or refuse the work order. If there is a further change to be made in the design, this can be accommodated. As well the client may ask for a rendering of the design, so to show it to his/her client. All this is possible and we would appreciate to be of service to you.

To have our competent staff of 3d jewelry designers quote a custom design for you, just go to our website at www.3dbull.com and be in touch with us. We would be glad to assist in your jewelry design.

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