3D Warehouse
Do you have an inventory of 3d jewelry design files?

www.3dbull.com is the internet address where you can upload your files and earn residuals for your design files.

Every day more jewelry designers take the Exclusive plunge and never look back.

You earn 40% Royalties

How is CAD file important today?

Cad files are needed

More Benefits

Increased Sales Potential
3dBull is the world's busiest jewelry model market. Exclusivity brings more attention to your portfolio and makes the most out of all that traffic. You will see a difference.

Exclusivity makes it easier for us to protect our contributing jewelry designers. We can better enforce compliance issues when we know a jewelry model design came from us and must follow our licensing agreement.

CAD file

Marketing and Channel Distribution

Increase your Profile as a 3d jewelry model designer
We only use our Exclusive and in-house designers to advertise 3dBull, and we advertise a lot. We hit all the big trade shows, events, and publications to showcase your portfolio.

Reach New Audiences
We also distribute the work of our Exclusive and in-house designers through our channel partners, putting together deals to show and sell your work to other and wider audiences. The royalties and rights remain the same. We just want to sell more of your files, and negotiate wider distribution on your behalf.

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