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A 3d jewelry model is the production that emanates from designing or rendering designs for jewelry in a 3d environment. The ancient practice of the goldsmith or metalworker evolved to a billion-dollar industry with the odyssey from ancient techniques into the machine age where computers are being used in the design of jewelry. It is easy with the use of 3d jewelry model software to create "functional art", being art that can be worn or used.

Why is the making of 3d jewelry model a craft left to the professional?

3d jewelry model can be uploaded here

In the stages of production of an article of jewelry, the designer is normally rendering the design in 2d and then either renders himself in 3d or has the work performed by a 3d jewelry designer who is proficient and has trained in the architectural and functional design knowledge of not only metallurgy but also the design elements needed for the composition and the way in which it will be worn.

A 3d jewelry model is being manufactured so that a lost wax casting precious metal jewelry piece can be produced. There are various methods of producing such models. The old and proven way was the carving of waxes, but that has been replaced by the introduction of computer aided design (CAD), which has revolutionized the industry and the subsequent manufacturing of the model in prototyping machines. The precision with which these models can be manufactured nowadays is breathtaking. The intricacies of the designs are reproduced to the finest detail possible. There is no mistake possible anymore. A 3d jewelry model is the result of utilizing cad design software that allows designers to dream of and produce the utmost desirable effects in the shortest time span. Jewelry models are utilized by jewelers to demonstrate to their clientele how a finished jewelry piece will look. These models can nowadays be prototyped in resins and/or waxes that are the equal demonstration to the finished piece. Some of the models can be mounted with stones in place and can be cast as "stone in place casting".

3d jewelry model

When the designer has rendered the object, it is constructed using the appropriate materials of the item, and therefore becomes a 3d jewelry model The wax maker used to carve the model in wax that would later be used in a burn-out oven so that casting could be done of the design in precious metals. The functions have been taken over largely by the invention of milling and prototyping machines that are driving the jewelry industry. These machines are capable of producing model waxes with the most intricate of designs. The 3d jewelry model is therefore graduated to a complete for. There are other advantages to the jeweler as well. When a jeweler receives the 3d jewelry model from the prototyping or wax making facility, he can show this model to the client and discuss either changes to make the model more custom design, or complete the sale.

Models are driving the industry and they are ever changing. Every moment there is a new model created and this has become the driving force of the jewelry industry. We have found that because of the plethora of models that are available world-wide and are being produced in ever greater number, the jeweler has lost the overview he once had of being able to predict the path in which fashion is driving. For production purposes, the 3d jewelry models is needed by the wax making facility.

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