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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section provides answers to over 100 questions about 3dbull.com, 3d jewelry design, CAD jewelery design and 3d wax model making. If you still have questions or need help after reviewing our FAQs, contact us.

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About 3dbull.com            [back to top]

What is 3dbull.com™?
3dbull is the internet's premier royalty-free jewelry CAD file community, where members can search and download 3d jewelry design files from as low as a $10.00 each. Our international community of jewelry designers and administrators work tirelessly to bring over 200 newly designed 3d files each week!

How did 3dbull get started?
3dbull started in May 2008, with its first designer contribution. The founders of 3dbull.com conceived the 3dbull engine. Today its community operates the site, members upload and maintain the database of files. Teams of highly trained Inspectors research each file for quality, categorization and accuracy.

How do I sign up?
Jewelers click here.
Jewelry Manufacturers click here.
Casting Facility click here.
Prototyping Facility click here.
3D Jewelry Designers click here.

Advertising            [back to top]

Why advertise with 3dbull.com™?
• We are highly rated and featured in Google, Yahoo, and other world search engines.
• Banner ads on 3dbull.com are seen by thousands daily, including jewelers and designers.
• Banner ads on 3dbull.com are visible 24/7.
• Total advertising campaign exposure over 40 pages.
• Average visit length: 12+ minutes.

Where are the banner ads placed?
Ads appear on our homepage, content pages, jewelry design search pages, designer pages and along with many other jewelry resource related pages. This equals 40+ pages that your banner ads will be located on. All banner ads are posted Run of Site (ROS) and rotate amongst other banner advertisers.

What are your advertising rates?
Rates start as low as $1,800/month. More details can be found in our Advertising Media Kit (PDF).

Is there a minimum contract term length? What's the average?
Yes. The minimum banner advertising contract is one (1) month. The average banner advertising campaign is usually signed for a 6-month term.

What are your banner ad size requirements?
Sizes: 468 x 60 pixels
Maximum file size: 20K
Formats accepted: JPEG, GIF or animated GIF
Non-supported formats: Shockwave or java applets
Resolution: 72 dpi

How can we pay for banner advertising?
Visa, MasterCard, and Check payments accepted. Rates are in US Dollars.

How do I start advertising?
All the information media buyers and marketing departments will to need learn about advertising on 3dbull.com can be found in our Advertising Media Kit (PDF).

Where can I download the Advertising Media Kit?
Download Media Kit (PDF)

I wish to advertise but don't have a banner ad? What to do?
Design Services Available: If you do not have any advertisement banners, let our Design Staff develop and create an ad for your company. Design rate: $60/hour (3 hour minimum). For more information, please contact our advertising department at 1-877-666-BULL (2855), ext. 555.

How do I contact the Advertising Department?
The advertising department can be reached at 1-877-666-BULL (2855), ext. 555.

Billing Information            [back to top]

Is it safe to put my billing information online?
Security is our #1 concern. Therefore to safeguard your billing information, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, the most advanced online security system available. SSL encrypts all billing information related to your membership so that none of that information can be read in transit by an unauthorized third party.

How can I pay for your services?
Credit Card (VISA and Mastercard) and by Paypal.

Why do you ask for my Card Security Code?
To ensure your security when you purchase on our website, you need to enter your credit card's security code. Since the security code never shows up on statements or charge slips, the fact that you know what it is helps prove to us (and our credit card authorization service) that you are who you are and that you have the actual physical card in your possession, and are not someone who has stolen one of your credit card statements. Keep the code secret, and if you ever think that someone has discovered it, be sure to notify your credit card company immediately.

Where do I find my Credit Card Security Code?
This is a three- or four-digit number that is printed after your sixteen-digit credit card number, on the back of your credit card. Take a look at the front of your card. You'll see a sixteen digit number embossed on it. Now look at the back of your card. That same sixteen digit number will be printed there, along with an extra three or four digits at the end. That's your security code.

Some cards have only the last four digits of your card printed on the back, together with your three-digit security code. Check your card number against the printed digits: the ones that are not part of your card number are your security code.

What do I do if my credit/debit card payment is declined?
There are many reasons why your payment could be declined:

1/ Incorrect credit card number;
2/ Incorrect expiration date;
3/ Incorrect billing address and phone number;
4/ Credit card limit reached (i.e. insufficient funds);
5/ Maximum number of charges you debit/credit card can receive in a period exceeded;
6/ Credit/debit card doesn't accept charges from an online source;
7/ Card doesn't allow for automated billing;
8/ Card doesn't allow for international transactions;
9/ We only accept VISA and/or MasterCard;
10/ Some debit cards are not recognized by our credit card authorization service.

Should you have additional questions about why your card got declined, please contact your bank.

Customer Service            [back to top]

How can I contact 3dbull.com?
Telephone: +1-514-398-0001
Toll free: +1-877-666-BULL (2855)
Fax: +1-514-868-9520
Email: E-mail form

Where are your offices located?
1100 de la Gauchetière W., Suite #243
Montréal, QC, H3B 2S2, Canada

What are your customer service hours?
Our Customer Support, Design, Billing, Advertising and Human Resource departments are fully staffed and ready to help you from 9am-5pm M-F EST.

My Account            [back to top]

How can I change my password?
To change your password, click on your log in name to get to the "your account information" page. At the bottom of the page click the link to change your password.

How do I edit my address/ phone number information?
To change your address or contact information, click on click on your log in name tab at the top of the site to get to the "your account information" page - Then edit your Profile.

How Do I manage My Account Information?
To access member account information please follow these steps:
Login to www.3dbull.com
On the top toolbar click your sign in name.

How can I retrieve my password and/or member name?
If you cannot remember what your password or member name is, please follow this link and enter in the requested information. You will receive an email with your new password. You can change this received password to your preferred password after you have logged in with the new password by going to "change password" at this link.

Why do I keep getting logged out of 3dbull and have to re-login?
This happens when your cookie expires, usually a 24-hour period.

What do I do when my member name or password don't work?
If your browser stays at the main welcoming screen after attempting to login, please ensure your system clock (date/time/year) is correct.

If you are re-directed to a login error page, make sure your caps lock is off since your password and member name are case sensitive. Also, check your cookie settings to ensure they are on a medium privacy level and clear all cookies and cache in your browser.

If you are still re-directed, please try resetting your password. If this doesn't resolve the issue contact us.

How do I manage/change My Membership?

  • Login to www.3dbull.com
  • On the top toolbar click your sign in name
  • In My Account Information click "Manage Your Membership"

Partners & Affiliates            [back to top]

How do I become a 3dbull.com partner/affiliate?
To apply or to learn more about partnership opportunities with us, contact us to see how your company can benefit from a strategic alliance with 3dbull.com.

What kind of partner/affiliate services is 3dbull.com interested in?
3dbull.com™ welcomes qualified partners who are interested in jointly offering complete jewelry industry solutions that deliver value to our mutual customers. If you offer the jewelry related services and wish to team up with 3dbull.com, please contact us.

What are the criteria for partnership/affiliation?
3dbull.com™ selection criteria for business partnerships/affiliations include:

- Well established business relating to the jewelry industry
- Strong brand and image
- Great service quality

Technical Issues             [back to top]

What kind of computer do I need?
Computer requirements are very minimal. It is important that you get connected to a good Internet Service Provider.

What are the system requirements?
3dbull.com can be accessed through the internet. For best results we recommend using an updated version of Internet or any other popular web browser.

What are cookies?
Cookies are tokens that are stored on your computer which are used by pages within a website to confirm that you have logged in and are allowed to view those pages. The method for allowing cookies to be stored varies depending on the browser you are using.

Are cookies required to login?
Yes you must have cookies enabled.

What web browser should I use?
For best results, we suggest you use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.

Is 3dbull.com compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome?

I am getting error messages. What should I do?
Contact us immediately so that we may help you.

How do I prevent emails from going into my SPAM folder?
Many e-mail service providers, including AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc, have created spam filters to prevent unwanted messages from reaching your inbox. Unfortunately, these filters can also block e-mail messages you actually want to receive, such as those from 3dbull.com.

To ensure continued receipt of our e-mails, you may want to add our e-mail address domain (3dbull.com) to your address book and reconfigure your spam filter settings.

How do I allow popup windows for your site?
If you are currently blocking pop-ups you may want to consider either enabling them for our website www.3dbull.com or temporarily turning off your pop up blocker while on our website. Please be aware that our website uses pop up windows often. This is to enhance your experience on our site.

Site Security            [back to top]

Is your website secure?
Security is our #1 concern. To safeguard your billing information, we use Advanced Web Technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect your billing information as it travels across the Internet. Most banks employ this same reliable software to secure their own online transactions.

Is my personal and billing information secure?
Yes. 3dbull.com restricts access to your billing information. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your billing information.

What type of security/encryption do you use to ensure that my information is protected?
To safeguard your billing information, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, the most advanced online security system available. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is the encryption standard for Internet traffic. When someone on the Internet wants to send data securely, they use SSL encryption to accomplish it. Without SSL, any data sent over the Internet can be easily intercepted by third parties. We use SSL to encrypt all billing information related to your membership so that none of that information can be read in transit by an unauthorized third party.

Terms of Service & Privacy            [back to top]

Will you sell my email or company information?
No, we will never give your email address to third parties without your permission. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Where can I find the 3dbull.com™ Terms of Service?
Our Terms of Service can be viewed here.

Where can I find the 3dbull.com™ Privacy Policy?
Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.


Introduction            [back to top]

How can 3dbull.com help a jewelers, manufacturer, casters and wax makers?
3dbull.com is the world's leading royalty-free CAD design jewelry model file destination. Browse thousands of design files starting as low as $10. Create your design line from the latest ready jewelry models.

Find your inspiration on 3dbull - Sign up now!

3D Design Files            [back to top]

What is an .STL file?
Stereolithography (.stl) files are produced by 3D CAD (computer aided drawing) programs, and are used by rapid prototyping, wax plotting and milling machines to make physical models of the 3D image. Our 3D jewelry model files in .stl format are error-free and ready for manufacturing. These files can be downloaded from our site and go straight into production on these machines.

How do I open an .STL file?

Many applications are capable of opening stereolithography files - most major CAD drawing programs, such as Rhino 3D are capable of previewing such files. If you don't have one of these programs installed in your computer, download and install MiniMagics, then use it to open your file.

How can I use your files?
All of the files on our site are royalty-free. Our site is the authority of royalty-free CAD jewelry designs. These royalty-free 3D models may be downloaded from our site as a stereo lithography CAD file (STL file). These STL files are used in prototyping or milling-machines that craft hard-copy wax models for direct precious metal casting, or for the making of master models or production of silicone molds for volume castings. In case you do not have access to hard-copy model production from STL files, we will be pleased to have one of our authorized wax model fabricating shops prototype a hard-copy wax model for you.

To read specific permitted and forbidden uses of 3dbull.com files, please read the License Agreement. If you still have questions, please contact us.

What do I do when I can't connect to a secure server to purchase designs?
Most likely the reason you cannot connect to a secure server is because your web browser doesn't support 128 bit encryption. It's also possible that your office or network administrator is blocking the port that is needed to process transactions. You may need to request that port 443 (Secure Sockets Layer SSL) be opened on your firewall.

Searching for Design Files            [back to top]

How do or I search for a design file?

We offer two different search options. For a general search, enter your keywords into the search box in the top header and click the Search icon or just press Enter on your keyboard. You may as well use the pull down menu on the left side of the page and define your search using tags.

How do I search by file number?
Type the file number directly into the search bar in the top header.

Downloading Designs            [back to top]

Where did my download go?
Every browser handles downloading differently. On clicking the download icon, the file should be downloaded automatically to your computer. If your browser does not prompt you to save your file automatically, you haven't actually downloaded anything.

Internet Explorer: Typically lets you choose where to save a file. If you do not select a folder, it will default to the last place you saved a file.

Firefox: Saves files to your desktop unless set otherwise in the preferences.

Safari: Will generally send design files to your downloads folder or your desktop. This can also be set in the preferences.

What do I do when an design file I downloaded is not usable (corrupt, etc)?
Please contact us with the file number and your concerns. We'll refund your credits and re-evaluate the design file.

What do I do when I'm having download problems and I paid for a file?
If you experience download problems, please contact us with the file number and we will email the file to you or refund your money.

How do I purchase files from your site?
1. Once you find the file you would like to download, click on the thumbnail and the file will open. At the bottom right click "Add to cart" - or - if you would additionally like a hard copy wax model shipped to your address, enter the amount of wax models you like to purchse, and then click "Add to cart".
2 . From there you can continue shopping or proceed to "Check-out".
3. If you are finished shopping go to "Check-out".
4. This process will lead you through secure credit card payment with Visa or MasterCard. You can select payment through PayPal as well. Read more about PayPal.
5. Once payment hs been made, your purchased 3d design file will be placed into your "My Designs" file.
6. Go to "My Designs", find the design file you purchased, click on the thumbnail and the file will open. Click "Download" the desing file will be download to youc computer.

What method of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) and PayPal. Our prices are in US dollars.

How do I download design files?
Once you have purchased the file, the file will be placed into your "My Design" folder. Go to "My Designs", find the design file you would like to download, click on the thumbnail and the file will open. Click "Download" and the download process will begin.

Why are your design files so inexpensive/cheap?
Design files on our site are contributed by individual designers whose talent ranges from just out of design school to professional. Our goal is to provide customers with great designs that also fit within their budgets.

Managing My Downloads            [back to top]

Where did my download go?
Every browser handles downloading differently. On clicking the download icon, the file should be downloaded automatically to your computer. If your browser does not prompt you to save your file automatically, you haven't actually downloaded anything.

Where can I find a record of my downloaded design files?
Log in and click "My Designs" next to the 3dbull logo.

Shipping, Returns & Refund Policy            [back to top]

What is the policy for file downloads?
Clicking "Download" constitutes delivery and acceptance of the file. For wax models, delivery to, and acceptance by Canada Post constitutes delivery. Wax model pricing includes the shipping cost by Canada Post. Express shipping by UPS or Federal Express is at additional cost.

What is the shipping policy for wax models?
Delivery to and acceptance of the shipment by the carrier constitutes delivery. Wax model pricing includes the shipping cost by Canada Post. Express shipping by UPS or Federal Express is at an additional cost.

What is your refund/return policy?
On hard copy models we are unable to accept returns unless a piece is found to be defective upon receipt. If the product is determined to be damaged or defective upon receipt, we will gladly repair or replace it at no cost. All return packages are to be sent to us on the basis of prepaid, clearly marked with assigned RA # (return authorization number), and have to be securely shipped.

In order to obtain a RA # (return authorization number), a written request must first be made via email to: .

Email address protected by JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript to contact us.

If you attempt to return a product outside this process, your exchange/repair may be delayed or refused.

Custom Design            [back to top]

How can I request Custom Design?
Click on the Request for Quote Custom Design link on our homepage. Fill in the required design details on the Request for Quote page, attach an image if you have one, and submit.We will revert to you with a quotation for the 3d design.

What is the Warranty on the custom design?

When ordering a custom design from 3dbull.com, it is understood that the design will be prepared in accordance to the specifications outlined in the Request for Quote, filled in by the client and the order acceptance by 3dbull.com. 3dbull.com warrants the design to be free from defects in design workmanship. Should any part of the design not be in accordance to the details as per the Request for Quote, 3dbull.com will adjust the design at no cost to the client.

NO OTHER WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY, APPLIES to the design, nor is any person or company authorized to assume any other warranty. 3dbull.com does not assume any responsibility for any consequential damages occasioned by client's use of the design.

Alterations to Designs

In case the client requires amendments and/or alterations to the design, a separate quote will be issued by 3dbull.com to the client. Upon acceptance by client of such quote, 3dbull.com will make the requested amendments and/or alterations in a timely manner.


Designer Introduction            [back to top]

What can 3dbull.com provide a designer/contributor?
Our community of designers from all over the world contributing their artwork to 3dbull is growing every day. Their CAD designs sell in the world's busiest royalty-free market. You can be one of them.

Join us for free, right now. You'll earn 40% on the sales price of your design file.

3dbull's international community of artists and designers is online around the clock, ready to share, learn, teach and create together. So whether you're a master of your craft or new and ready to learn, 3dbull is your new creative home.

Designer Accounts            [back to top]

How do I become a contributing designer for 3dbull?

Any qualified CAD jewelry designer can become a designer on 3dbull. Contributors will be asked to read through our greements wshen signing up. Just sign up free to 3dbull.com as a designer and upload your designs.

How do I become a contributing designer for 3dbull.com?
Any qualified CAD designer can apply to become a designer on 3dbull.com. Contributors will be asked to accept our agreements.

How much does a designer make / what is the commission structure?
The royalty structure on 3dbull.com is 40%.

How long am I committed?
If you get cold feet, you can cancel your contract with 30 days notice, after providing us with a reason ("it's not you, it's me"). And we'll always take you back, with a 90 day reinstatement waiting period.

What does full Exclusivity require?
Full designer Exclusivity means none of your jewelry model files may be sold on other Internet sites or businesses that directly or indirectly operate Internet sites showcasing or offering jewelry model files.

Does that cover all of my files?
Exclusivity only covers the files you upload to 3dbull.com. 3dbull.com does not require Exclusivity for: Personal portfolio sites. Work for hire contracts. Model files you have never in the past uploaded to 3dbull.com.

Are there other restrictions?
Files uploaded to 3dbull.com may not be sold on the designer's own site (including collections, CD-ROMs, etc). Artist may not give away files for free, from their own or any other site.
Rejected files may be sold elsewhere.

Please read the complete Designer/Contributor Supply Agreement. If you have any questions at all, contact us and we'll be glad to help.

How do I benefit by siging up to 3dbull.com?
More benefits:

Increased Sales Potential
3dbull is the world's busiest jewelry model market. Exclusivity brings more attention to your portfolio and makes the most out of all that traffic. You will see a difference.

Protection and Resolution
Exclusivity makes it easier for us to protect our contributors. We can better enforce compliance issues when we know a design file came from us and must follow our licensing agreement.

Increase your Profile
We only use our Exclusive and in-house designers to advertise 3dbull, and we advertise a lot. We hit all the big tradeshows, events, and publications to showcase your portfolio.

Reach New Audiences
We also distribute your work through our channel partners, putting together deals to show and sell your work to other audiences. The royalties and rights remain the same. We just want to sell more of your files, and negotiate wider distribution on your behalf.

What can I do to improve my sales?
Groom your portfolio and occasionally review and update keywords. Keywords are the most important information you can provide to help users find your designs. Sometimes changing the title can also give you a small boost in downloads.

I've uploaded designs, but my sales figures aren't changing. Why not?
Commissions are not earned by uploading files. Commissions are earned automatically every time a customer purchases and downloads a file from our site. Such commissions are then credited to the account of the contributing designer and can be viewed in the designer's account.

Do I have to pay any extra or hidden fees to be a contributing designer on 3dbull?
No, we do not charge storage fees, processing fees, membership fees or any hidden fees at all to any contributing designer.

Is there a way to find out where my files are being used?
Only the people that purchased your files know what it was used for.

My 3dbull account is over $100, how do I request a payout?
Use the payment release feature in the designer account under Commissions, view Payments: http://www.3dbull.com/account_edit.php?l=d to reduce or increase the level of the payout amount. You have the option of receiving your payout via Check or PayPal. All funds are paid out in US dollars. This may also be a good time to update your personal account information. 3dbull ONLY sends payments to the name and address listed in your account.

How much does a designer make / what is the royalty structure?
The royalty structure on 3dbull is 40%.

File Uploads            [back to top]

What are the file upload requirements?
File Size: 3dbull accepts files that are in the sterolithography format (.stl). These files need to be designed in such a manner that there are no naked edges and run flawless in sterolithography machines. The files can be up to 35 megabytes (MB) in size. For larger size files, please contact us to arrange for alternative handling of uploading to our site. Other formats will be declined.

What can and can't be uploaded?
Only 3d design files in stereolithography format (.stl) files can be uploaded.

How long will it take for my application or design files to be reviewed?
Each design file is checked individually by one of our Approval Administrators for various requirements. This means that every design file in the library has been downloaded checked exhaustively and qualitatively evaluated by at least one, but sometimes two or more Approval Inspectors.

If you are a new contributing designer and you have recently uploaded files, please be patient. Your design file is in the queue, and will be processed in turn. There's no need to upload again, or to send us an email.

What are the specifications required for files to be uploaded or rules for uploading?
1. Files must be .stl format only
2. You must own the full copyright to any file you upload. This means you must be the designer or artist that created the design.
3. All trademarks must be removed. This includes logos, brands and entities with copyright or trademarked elements. This many also extend to trademarked products such as cast sculptures, toys, architecture and other elements of design. Copyright is checked with each file.
4. File sizes: Files should be less than 35 MEG each. In case you want to upload larger files, contact us.
5. Entering keywords and descriptions: be descriptive. Include at least 10 keyword/tags and use a title other than 'ring" or "charm". Supplying more keywords means your file will match more searches. Files with more keywords get downloaded more often.
6. Legal notice: uploading files/artwork that belong to somebody else (copyright or otherwise) will result in a suspended membership and in some cases may have legal ramifications.
7. Your account profile must have your full, real first and last names, and mailing address entered before completing an application. Anyone uploading with a fake name will be banned immediately.

Why does it take so long for design files to be accepted into the library?
Each design files is checked individually by one of our Inspectors for various requirements such as size, file type and quality. This means that every design files in the library has been downloaded and checked exhaustively.

If you are a new designer and you have recently uploaded files, please be patient. Your design files is in the queue, and will be processed in turn. There's no need to upload again, or send us an email.

I had a file rejected. What does this mean?
The files submitted for approval must in the stereolithography format (.stl). If they are not, they will be rejected.

The files to be sold on the 3dbull site must be commercially viable. That means that they must stand up to rigorous standards to be used in sophisticated machinery such as sterolithography apparatus. On a well designed CAD file, there should be no open edges and no tools left in the file. The model should be 'watertight' to be used flawlessly in the manufacturing process. If we find that a file submitted does not meet these requirements, we will notify the contributing designer that the file is not accepted for being placed on the site and we ask the designer to fix the flaws and resubmit the file for approval.

Designer Payments            [back to top]

What types of payment can be used?
Check: A cheque will be mailed to the name and address listed in your profile. Check delivery time may vary depending on the carrier. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks delivery time for locations outside of the continental USA.

PayPal: Open a PayPal account and receive your payment within 5 business days. It works fast, and because 3dbull pays the transfer fee, there are no added charges. Visit www.PayPal.com to sign up for your free account.

How long do I have to wait for a check?
Checks are processed weekly. You will be notified by email when your cheque has been processed, printed and mailed. This email is confirmation your check has been issued and has left our hands. Delivery times vary depending on the mail carrier. Please allow 1 week for delivery in North America and 4to6 weeks delivery for all other locations.

Why haven't I received my PayPal payment?
PayPal payments are processed on business days only. Most payouts are sent within 24-48 hours after processing, but it can take up to 5 days for final payment to be sent depending on circumstances. If it has been longer than 5 days please contact us.

It's been longer than 6 weeks; I have not received my check. Is it lost?
If you have not received your check after 6 weeks it most likely has been lost in the mail. Please contact support, and let us know if your address has changed and when your request was made. Your money is not lost; we will resend payment if necessary.

Do I have to request payment every time I reach my payment release level?
You do not have to request payment when you reach your payment release level. You can set your payment release level in your profile.

How long are checks valid for?
If you have not cashed a check that is over 6 months old it is stale dated and the bank will not accept. Please cash checks as soon as you receive them to prevent having to request new payments.

What are the royalties paid to designers/contributors?
40% Royalties

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